Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Hey peeps! (Sorry about that ^) Welcome to my blog. As this is my first post, I thought I would let you all know a little bit about me. :)

So here are 25 facts about me!

  1. I'm British, but have only lived in the UK for a year and a bit. I was born in Scotland, where we stayed for 6 weeks. When I was just 7 weeks old, we moved to France where we lived for 9-10 years in total, then moved on to the Netherlands, then to China and finally to England, which is where I currently live. 
  2. I love animals. Cats are my favourite animal, and I have 2 cats - brothers - called Toffee and Porridge, who I love so much and you will probably see a lot around my blog! ;)
  3. I love photography. I take my camera almost everywhere with me and I take as many pictures as I can! I will be uploading loads up here for you to see :)
  4. I really want to start up a YouTube channel but I am waiting to have enough money to buy myself a good camera to film (hopefully the Canon EOS 600D or something a bit less expensive!!) and take pictures with, as with my current camera, a Canon EOS 1000D, you can't take videos.
  5. I hate it when things are slightly off the table. This sounds weird haha but what I'm trying to say is that for example if a laptop is half on a table I will freak out and put it completely on the table... Yeah there's a completely useless fact about me !
  6. I am obsessed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yep that's right. Can't go a day without watching at least one episode .. heh
  7. I listen to electronic music. Not much to say about this one. I mostly listen to electronic but also love Two Door Cinema Club and Adele so I listen to pretty much anything! :)
  8. I've never been to America, Australia or Africa. I am going on a trip to Kenya in October though so soon there will just be 2 continents left! :)
That's a lot of text. Let's have a picture of me catbearding :)
9. I love playing volleyball. Volleyball is the only sport I play (I'm pretty lazy (Y)).
10. (the numbers have messed up -.-) Beijing is my favourite city. I lived there for 3 years and wish I never left. Although I'm loving England so all is well that ends well right? 
11. My hair is natural and I don't wear make up. So my routine in the morning is getting up and having a shower. Job done.
12. I love painting and doodling. It calms me and I can see myself improve!
13. The future really excites me. So much to look forward to! :)
14. I hate mushrooms. Well wasn't this an interesting fact.
15. My dream is to get a VW campervan and tour America with my best friends. I wish !
16. I still watch kiddie movies. They're so cuteeee!
17. I have an obsession with miniature things. They're just so tiny and cute! :D
18. My favourite film is the Notebook. The feels.
19. I am 15 (16 in November!) and am just starting the IB (International Baccalaureate). It's gonna be crazayy.
20. I always keep my promises. From tiny silly ones to huge ones, I will never break a promise I have made. 
21. I cry really easily. and I hate this! When I get stressed or annoyed or angry sometimes I will just cry for no reason -.- annoying. 
22. I love having colour on my nails but I can never be bothered to paint my nails. You have to wait for it to dry and everything D:
23. I hate the sound of metal against metal. It gives me shivers salkfhklakfh
24. 11 is my favourite number. Mainly because I was born on 11/11 but it's also just a cool number! So yeah!
25. last fact: I am a Potterhead! I love Harry Potter books and films and J.K. Rowling is amazinggg! Huge fan xx

So there you have it. My life summed up into 25 facts. Hope you enjoyed it! :) I will probably be uploading some pictures soon! xxxx

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